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German Speaking HR Associate Personal Administration, Organizational Management (Budapest)

As an HRO Process Associate you will be able to contribute and continuously to improve the performance of the Budapest Shared Service Centre as part of the Global HR Servicing Organization of Roche.


You will have the opportunity to work in our global, international teams and contribute to customer experience directly. You will provide valuable support to ROCHE HR professionals about their inquiries by provide HCM (Human Capital Management) data, files and records in a timely, consistent manner.

Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Performing complete, stringent and timely Human Capital Management related administrative tasks in areas of Organization Management and Personnel Administration; Performance and Compensation Management, and Learning Solution by using SAP and various Roche tools/templates
  • Coordinating and executing re-organizations and following-up organizational changes for administration in SAP HR
  • Maintaining PA Master data and registering Employee Data changes (hiring, changing employment conditions etc.) in SAP HR
  • Supporting Manager queries about performance and compensation management and Portal use, preparing and providing various HR-related reports and status updates for HR professionals
  • Registering participant for trainings , following-up on completed courses, running training related reports status updates for HR professionals
  • Acting as point of contact for relevant affiliates and its employees, providing subject matter expertise to the company’s HR community in SAP HR, and supporting global HR process initiatives globally.

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