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Fenntarthatósági junior mérnök kollégát keresnek (környezetmérnök vagy építő- ill. építészmérnök végzettséggel)

We are looking for Junior Sustainability Consultant!

We are currently looking for a Junior Sustainability Consultant with SUSTAINABILITY - BREEAM INTEREST or experience or knowledge to join our team in Budapest.


Advanced Building and Urban Design (ABUD) is an engineering company specialized in innovative and sustainable design consultancy. We offer services from the conceptual planning phase to the realisation of a project, for project sizes from a detached house to urban concepts. Apart from designing new buildings in an environmentally-friendly way, we see a great challenge in the green refurbishment of existing buildings. Our clients and collaborators include architectural design studios, world leading investors and developers, research institutions, governmental and municipal stakeholders.

We offer opportunities to learn about:

  • building form, massing and orientation strategies,
  • façade thermal and solar performance, daylight provision, solar access analysis,
  • natural ventilation design, HVAC system performance,
  • internal and external comfort (thermal, wind, glare etc),
  • energy performance and operational and embodied energy use,
  • walkability and daylighting potential of urban districts,
  • material efficiency, life cycle analysis and waste management,
  • water, rainwater, wastewater management,
  • Noise, air, light, water pollution reduction.

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